A variety of programs to keep you coming back

At reFORM Pilates and Movement, we believe variety is key to keeping our clients interested and engaged in their fitness routines. Our instructors are trained in a wide variety of Pilates and movement programs, including classical mat classes, equipment classes, Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis® classes. We also offer fun and affordable group classes, an open studio option for members, and regular workshops exploring movement-related health and wellness topics. Scroll down to learn more about the different class options available to our members.

Classical Pilates

We teach a classical Pilates method — equipment and matwork are inseparable parts of a deeply transformative, full body system. Your workout will be specifically tailored for your goals and body using all of the tools available in the Pilates system.

Beneficial for people of all ages, aptitudes and fitness levels, Pilates generally safe and beneficial while recovering from injuries and during pregnancy. Pilates' popularity comes partly from its usefulness for cross-training for many activities. Pilates equipment utilizes spring tension and body weight to create a balanced, strong and flexible body.



THE GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® has benefits similar to yoga, dance, gymnastics, swimming, and Tai Chi, and helps unwind tight joints, stretch and strengthen muscles, and increase flexibility.

The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is a workout program unlike anything you've experienced. Created by former dancer and gymnast Juliu Horvath, the GYROTONIC® method offers benefits similar to those of yoga, dance, gymnastics, swimming, and Tai Chi. The movement patterns incorporate circular and spiraling motions that help unwind tight joints, lengthen and strengthen muscles, and increase spinal flexibility. While many parallels are drawn between the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® and Pilates, the GYROTONIC® method is a very different practice, with a different focus and different movements.


Mat Classes & Gyrokinesis®

Our mat classes are formatted for all fitness levels. Our highly skilled and trained instructors are able to challenge each body while still caring for necessary modifications, conditions, and injuries. Like anything in life, the more dedicated you are to the practice the more likely you are to succeed. Pilates works in progressions — the more you practice, the more impressive the results! New clients are invited to try a class for free.

reFORM Body Barre Classes

reFORM Body Barre is a low impact, high energy, music driven movement experience blending the best of dance, Pilates, and yoga. A great complement to your Pilates practice, this all levels class will get you moving in a way that strengthens and stretches the whole body!

At reFORM, we work to heal and prevent injuries with personalized equipment lessons and bodywork. We also want you to get your burn on! We offer small, challenging, and affordable barre classes to help you improve your aerobic capacity while continuing to practice good alignment and healthy movement.

Yoga Narada™

Hilary Cartwright, co-owner of the original White Cloud GYROTONIC® studio in New York, has been teaching yoga inspired by her work with Juliu Horvath since the 1980's. Having studied with Hilary since 2013 and apprenticed with her 2015-2017, Matt Lueders now offers Hilary's Yoga Narada™ format at reFORM.

This challenging all-levels class moves at a gentle pace, improves coordination and flexibility, and elevates your mood.