Since 2009, reFORM Pilates and Movement has been under the ownership and management of Kelli Kessler, Matt Lueders, and Teresa Lee. The three-way partnership was a product of years of their working together and sharing clients as a team. reFORM has become a melting pot of ideas, where the best teaching practices stand out and get absorbed by the whole staff. We have seen countless individuals flourish under the critical eye of our many talented teachers and our varied backgrounds allow us to be flexible and work with a great variety of bodies and personalities. At reFORM, we’ve come together to create an exercise space that “invigorates the body and enlivens the soul.” – Joseph Pilates

Portland Pilates Instructor Teresa Lee

Teresa was first introduced to Pilates as a classical ballet dancer while attending the University of Oregon. She was immediately impressed with the work as it improved her sense of balance and control. Teresa continued her Pilates practice when she moved to Colorado to dance with the Boulder Ballet. It was there that she found The Pilates Center, where she embarked upon 800 hours of study with highly skilled and revered mentors and become certified in 2003. Teresa and her husband moved to Portland where she began working at reFORM Pilates and Movement in 2004. She now enjoys the opportunity of working with apprentices as a Host Advisor to The Pilates Center’s teacher training program.

Her passion for movement led her to also train in the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® and GYROKINESIS® exercise. She finds that the combination of Classical Pilates and GYROTONIC® movement compliment one another and give her clients a heightened sense of healthful movement in their bodies. Teresa is thrilled to work with the wonderful instructors and clients at reFORM. Creating change in bodies and eliminating pain is a very rewarding process that she finds not only ongoing, but very fulfilling.

Portland Pilates Instructor Kelli May

Kelli Kessler May’s intention is to have her clients experience a place where breath is moving freely, the mind is centered on movement, the bones sit properly into their joint spaces, and muscles are pumping the right amount of energy needed to dance with each exercise. There, a person is dropping into that Zen place where they let go of unnecessary holding so they can feel their next unfolding.

Kelli is a Jersey girl who graduated from Colorado College in 2000. An All American lacrosse player, she discovered Pilates her senior year. She fell in love with how it helped her reconnect to her self and helped relieve her back pain. She moved to Boulder, CO to study the Body Knowledge Method of Pilates with Master Trainer Lara Kolesar Lussier. At the center of Lara’s training was a highly hands-on approach to working with the body. Using her touch, Kelli learned to connect with what each very unique body is doing and then help clients feel how to move fluidly from their core. Kelli went on to get her massage license while living in Boulder.

Kelli got certified in the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® in 2007. She loves the way it complements Pilates as well as how it contacts certain joint spaces in the body that had been unreachable to her before. She is also trained on the GYROTONIC® Ladder.

Kelli is currently on the quest of perfecting her hands-on skills to contact a person’s innate genius within their nervous system. She is studying the Alexander Technique with Robyn Avalon to deepen these skills. She is also currently inspired by Hilary Cartwright and her Yoga for Dancers practice.

Portland Pilates Instructor Matt Lueders

Matt Lueders began his Pilates practice while in college, and he found the emphasis on rehabilitative and sports training allowed him to maximize his own athletic ability. At first with the intention of deepening his own practice, be became certified as a teacher in 2006. Since then, Matt has used his certification to create Pilates training programs for all students of all ages. He particularly enjoys developing Pilates cross-training and rehabilitative programs for athletes.

In 2009 Matt became a teacher in the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®.   He offers two weekly GYROKINESIS® classes, plus private and semi-private sessions on the Pulley Tower and specialized equipment.   He is an authorized GYROTONIC® pre-trainer in the GYROTONIC® teacher training system.

In 2013 Matt began studying under Hilary Cartwright, co-founder of the original “White Cloud” GYROTONIC® studio.  He began teaching her Yoga Narada™ system (formerly Hilary Cartwright’s Yoga for Dancers) in 2015.  Matt currently teaches Yoga Narada™ as a monthly workshop, and he hosts  Ms. Cartwright for her own workshops in Portland regularly.

Having suffered from severe asthma and allergies throughout childhood and into adulthood, since 2006 Matt has found complete relief in the practice of Rebirthing Breathwork.  In 2012 and 2017 he completed training programs with Rebirthing Breathwork founder Leonard Orr, and he considers this service the most valuable that he offers.

In his spare time, Matt gardens and studies languages, travels, and makes art.  Matt is currently working with Hilary Cartwright on a collection of drawings and educational material.  He is a graduate of Brown University with a B.A. in Art History.

*Clients requesting Matt as their primary trainer are required to attend a GYROKINESIS® class or complete an independent workout at reFORM weekly.

Portland Pilates Instructor Fanina Padykula

Fanina is a patient and passionate teacher who incorporates her varied background in Pilates, dance and yoga to create fun and dynamic sessions that bring clients a greater sense of strength, flexibility, alignment, and overall well being. She has experience working with bodies of all shapes and sizes and with varied physical histories, and she strives to tailor each session to her client’s specific needs. She loves to encourage her clients to take what they’ve learned in their sessions and carry it over into their day to day life. Pilates is not just about a stronger body, but also a stronger mind and a more confident spirit.

Fanina found her love of Pilates while she was working through college as an Exercise Leader. After graduating from The University of South Florida with a B.A. in Urban Geography, she decided to further pursue a career in the fitness world by becoming a Certified Pilates Instructor (Mat & Apparatus) through The Physical Mind Institute (2006). She is a certified yoga instructor (YogaFit 2006) and a nationally recognized Middle Eastern dance artist, having received several awards including “Miss Bellydance USA 2011”

She has had the chance to teach, dance and learn throughout the world and is always looking to expand her knowledge about the body and movement through continued education in Pilates, dance and yoga.

Portland Pilates Instructor Lyra Butler-Denman

Lyra Butler-Denman is a certified Pilates instructor, Contemporary Alexander Technique teacher, GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® trainer, modern dancer, and visual artist. She is also an assistant faculty member at the Contemporary Alexander School (Alexander Alliance SW/NW). She is deeply interested in and passionate about movement and believes it is important for both our physical and emotional lives. She cares deeply for the well-being of her students, her primary aim is to help her clients engage in the activities they love with strength, efficiency, safety, and ease. Lyra enjoys teaching clients of all ages and abilities and has extensive experience working with rehabilitation, spinal injuries, athletes, joint replacements, pre- and post-partum clients, cyclists, runners, and dancers. Lyra is dedicated to helping others find ease, recover from injury and trauma, and re-discover the quality of life they desire.

Lyra began her study of Pilates and Contemporary Alexander Technique over a decade ago. As a young dancer she used Pilates to rehabilitate a knee injury and used the Alexander work to help find efficiency, strength, flexibility, and presence. After a spine injury years later that left her severely incapacitated, she went back to Pilates, re-discovered the Alexander work, and began to study the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®. Since then she has continued to use all three modalities as effective healing and strengthening tools for herself and her clients. In addition to completely rehabilitating her injuries, Pilates, GYROTONIC®, and the Alexander work allowed Lyra to awaken to a stronger and smarter body and a deeper understanding of herself.

Lyra is certified in classical Pilates with Michelle Larson through the Core Dynamics Pilates teacher training program in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Lyra is certified as an Alexander Technique teacher with the Alexander Alliance SW/NW and Alexander Alliance International, is certified as a Matrix Energetics practitioner by Dr. Richard Bartlett DC, ND, and is a certified GYROTONIC® instructor. She also works as a dancer and artist (

Jennifer Cree strives to help her clients achieve their goals in function, performance and wellness through movement. Her own journey with movement therapy began a decade ago. Jennifer was a full-time Dental Hygienist and part-time competitive cyclist and runner. The highly repetitive physical demands of her career and sport led her to her first Pilates mat class. She immediately fell in love with the practice. Jennifer has been Pilates Method Certified since 2014 and has completed the 950 hour Advanced Teacher Training Program from The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado.

As a lifelong learner, she has expanded her practice to include the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® and the Alexander Technique, in order  to create comprehensive training programs for her clients. GYROTONIC® training has allowed Jennifer to help her clients improve their movement patterns during work or sport, and to relieve pain. The Contemporary Alexander School training has provided Jennifer a greater understanding of habit, awareness, intention, andmovement. She is currently completing her four year teacher training program in her hometown of Portland, Oregon, as well as Santa Fe, New Mexico.

When not in the studio, Jennifer can be found pedaling her bike around Portland, exploring and adventuring in the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest, or face-timing with her adorable niece and nephew.

Portland Massage Therapist Crystal Saint Onge

Crystal has been licensed as a massage therapist since 2002, having experienced her own journey of living with, and healing from, years of chronic pain. This experience showed her that in order for full, deep healing to take place, it is important for us to address our dis-ease on many levels. Our emotional and energetic bodies hold and carry pain just as much as our physical bodies.

Over the years Crystal has synthesized her diverse trainings and life experiences into a unique healing form. With a reverence for the history of hands on healing, nature, dance, prayer, and the healing powers of water, a sacred space and intention is held in each session. She also sources from her trainings as a Birth Doula; Massage Therapist: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Advance Myofacial techniques, and Thai massage; Reiki, Polarity and Barbara Brennan Healing Science; and from her many years of first hand experience with Indigenous Shamanic Healing methods including Native American, Peruvian, and European traditions.

Crystal combines intuitive listening, guided energy balancing, deep body grounding and a relaxing, caring presence; providing a whole healing session for her clients.

Andrea started taking Pilates classes following a dance injury in high school, and quickly became enamored of its holistic, full-body approach to fitness. After she was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition in her early 20s, she developed an interest in anti-inflammatory approaches to health and wellness, and found that Pilates was also a great way to exercise without exacerbating her condition. While completing her BA in Classical Studies she continued to incorporate Pilates into her life, and completed her teacher training through Balanced Body in 2010. She is passionate about sharing her love of mindfulness, movement, and the body with others to help them achieve their best health. In addition to her Pilates training, Andrea is currently an apprentice in the Gyrotonic Expansion System.

Andrea is a board certified acupuncturist and herbalist in NE Portland, and loves finding parallels between East Asian medical theory and fitness to incorporate into her classes. Her practice specifically focuses on autoimmune disease, women’s health, and orthopedics. You can find out more about her practice at

Ashley Richard received her 600-hour certification from Core Pilates NYC. Ashley came to Pilates after being a dancer for over 20 years. As her passion for movement started to shift, she began to realize that some of her muscles were overworked, some underworked and wanted to make her body stronger and able to withstand the test of time. She made the transition to become a teacher and loves to help others through movement. Ashley received her BFA and BA from The Ohio State University and has worked as a marketer, producer, and dancer for various arts organizations in New York City. She recently relocated to Portland with her husband and two cats.